Shepherd Center Radio produces 10-minute podcasts featuring informative interviews with physicians and staff members at Shepherd Center and Shepherd Pathways on a variety of topics related to brain injury and rehabilitation.

Podcast Discusses Symptoms and Risk Factors of Stroke

Shepherd Center physician Andrew Dennison, M.D., discusses why recognizing symptoms can be vital to recovery.

Podcast Discusses How Families Can Cope with Life Changes After a Loved One Sustains a Brain Injury

Shepherd Center counselor Tana Hall explains the significant role family support plays in the patient's recovery.

Podcast Discusses Resources to Help People with Brain Injury and Their Caregivers

To meet the needs of its brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation patients and their families, Shepherd Center created an educational website found at MyShepherdConnection.org.

Podcast on Understanding Aphasia

Payal Fadia, M.D., discusses causes, treatment and coping skills for aphasia, a condition that can occur suddenly after stroke or brain injury. Aphasia can affect a person’s ability to express and understand language, both verbal and written.